V-STARS/D Videogrammetry

Vermessung mit Videogrammetrie

Two or more high density DynaMo cameras are individually positioned and enable the three-dimensional capturing of high amounts of targets or the tactile digitizing of individual points.

Using the proven V-STARS software self reflective targets, hand-held probes or thousands of projected targets can be captured in fractions of a second.

The lightweight, highly portable DynaMo cameras have been designed for reliable, high-speed, high-accuracy 3D measurement even in the most difficult conditions.


D12: High-End System

Outstanding accuracy and extreme resolution: 12M pixel, 10µm + 10µm/m up to 3Hz.

The V-STARS/D12 system is a portable coordinate measuring system for users who need high accuracy in connection with big measurement volumes.

offline (single camera) 5µm + 5µm/m = 0,025mm auf 4m
online (multiple cameras) 10µm + 10µm/m = 0,05mm auf 4m
Resolution 12MP
Field of View (H x V) 72° x 58°
Operating Temperature 0° - 40° C
Speed ~ 3Hz
Shutter Life Unlimited (electronic)

D5: Universal-System

High accuracy, resolution and speed: 5M pixel, 14µm + 14µm/m up to 10Hz.

The V-STARS/D5 system is a lower-resolution but higher-speed coordinate measuring system for those who do not need the accuracy or features of our high-end V-STARS/D12 system.

offline (single camera) 7µm + 7µm/m = 0,035mm auf 4m
online (multiple cameras) 14µm + 14µm/m = 0,07mm auf 4m
Resolution 5MP
Field of View (H x V) default: 58° x 50°, wide: 72° x 62°
Operating Temperature 0° - 40° C
Speed ~ 10Hz
Shutter Life Unlimited (electronic)

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