PRO-SPOT Target Projector

beruehrungslos Messen mit dem Messpunktprojektor

PRO-SPOT works by stroboscopically projecting thousands of dots onto the surface. These dots are measured by a single-camera V-STARS/N, or a multiple-camera V-STARS/Dynamo system.

A V-STARS/N system can measure static objects by taking pictures from various locations using its single camera. A V-STARS/Dynamo system, can measure objects nearly instantaneously thanks to its dual synchronized cameras and PRO-SPOT’s high-speed flash. It can even measure slowly moving objects or objects undergoing low-frequency deformation.

High Accuracy

High Accuracy

Accuracy depends strongly on surface quality. On high-quality surfaces accuracy is the same or better than a measurement on retro targets:

  • V-STARS/N Platinum better than 5µm + 5µm/m or 0,025mm@4m
  • V-STARS/D5 better than 14µm + 14µm/m or 0,070mm@4m
  • V-STARS/D12 better than 10µm + 10µm/m or 0,050mm@4m
Non-Contact Measurement

Non-Contact Measurement

  • No surface deformation, movement or damage.
  • No time or money spent on targeting.
  • No target thickness or probe offset to remove.
  • GSI's unique "Combo-Shot" mode means no spraying is needed even on shiny, high-contrast objects.


  • No warm-up time.
  • Fast, simple set-up and operation.
  • Instant acquisition, results in seconds.


  • Portable (All equipment can be hand-carried or checked as airplane baggage).
  • Variable point densities (up to 22,000 points per setup).
  • Measures objects up to six meters in diameter in a single setup.
  • Measurement volume practically unlimited using multiple setups.
  • Rugged system designed for in-place measurement in industrial environments (Temperature 0 - 40°C)

The automated PRO-SPOT

PRO-SPOT/A is an enhanced, 2nd-generation stroboscopic target projector. Like the original PRO-SPOT, it excels at fast, accurate, non-contact 3D measurement of large, dark or shiny objects such as molds, master models, panels, antennas and other components. However, PRO-SPOT/A opens up new, exciting possibilities including completely automated, remote measurement.

  • Remote-control via V-STARS software so measurement from cranes and lifts is now possible.
  • Greater light output so it can measure larger areas and darker objects in a single setup.
  • A hand-held remote control and a stroboscopic modeling light for fast, easy, accurate focusing even in bright condition.

Typical Applications

  • Part Inspection
  • Antenna Inspection
  • Inspection and Problem Solving in Automotive Industry
  • Modifications and Inspection of Sections in Shipbuilding
  • Heavy Engineering: Inspection of components and assembly of parts

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